Balance of Omega 3&6

Balance of omega 3&6 was provided by flaxseed that is ‘miracle of nature’


A good intensinal health and performance is provided by CitriStim which is a source of pathogen‐binding mannan oligosaccharide, immune provider β‐glucans and immune‐ supportive yeast.

rich vitamin

Rich vitamin content.

BADO foods are full and balanced foods specially formulated by nutritionists to meet all the nutrients needed for the development of our pets.

"To Feet Together, To Grow Together..."



For our ped's, we produce high quality materials and using latest technology.

Pet’s food chain

The nutritional values needed by the pet companies and the items supporting the sector have developed with the slogan "To Feet Together, To Grow Together..."
  • OMEGA 3 & 6

    The balance of omega 3 & 6 is provided by using flaxseed.

    Taurine helps to support heart health of cats.  

    Yucca plant provides ammonia and odor control, increases absorption of nutritions, strengthens the immune system and optimizes animal growth and performance.

Can you choose foods our pets?

When my pet is hungry:

Why should you choose us?

Your pets are so healty and happy beucase of our products providing vitamins, Nutritive substances and fortified foods.

    Our pets play a very important role in the production of cat and dog food, developed by our nutritionists.
  • Quality & safety

    We have quality certificates in our facility where our products are made
  • Standards

    Always keep our brand and reputation at a high level
  • Health & beauty

    The most important part, to ensure that pet’s skin and feathers are healthy!

" to feed together,

To grow together..."