Budgerigar Food

Budgerigar Feed rich and healthy than their specially reinforced budgerigars with content, it makes them cheerful and lively.

Irresistible Taste:

It has a natural flavor of carefully selected grains and seeds. In addition, the content of the carrots and special bird cookies allows the birds to enjoy the product with pleasure.

Extra Vitamin:

It contains pellet vitamins which are developed by considering the metabolism and needs of budgerigars and produced by cold extrusion technique. In the special budgie vitamins package contains a wide variety of vitamins that appear on tablets as well as honey that promotes flavor. Honey makes it easier for the vitamin grains to be selected and eaten among other grains.

Nutritional Content:

There is a lot of content in the content compared to ordinary budgie feeds. Contents such as flaxseed, niger seed, carrots, sea bream are special raw materials not found in ordinary foods.

Bone Health:

The Vitamin D source of calcium, phosphorus, iodine and vitamins originating from the shellfish found in the Love Bird Yummy supports the skeletal, beak and nail development of birds.

Feeding Shape:

Your budgerigar will determine the amount of feed you need. Take care to ensure that feeders and juices are clean and full on a daily basis. You do not need to give extra vitamins or mineral supplements unless your veterinarian has a specific recommendation since your buddy bird meets all the needs of your bird.

Care recommendations:

• A parrot species, the budgerigars, is a cute, affordable and effortless solution for those who want to feed their pet. These birds are very good friends with people, bring positive energy to your home and keep your morale high.
• Budgerigars are cheerful and interested animals. If your buddy is the only one, you should constantly love him, talk to him, have to circulate around your shoulder and let it fly with you in the house. Feeding your hand, kissing often, talking to it will increase the joy of your bird.
• The budgerigars are very sensitive. They should not stay in cold, windy environments and in the air.
• Pay attention to feed and water. Blow the shells over the bamboo every 2 days and put fresh bait on your hips.
• Keep the night in a quiet, light-free environment that can sleep.
• Replace the water in the water tank every 2 days.
• Put the cage in the bucket-like products so that you do not know the gag.

To Feet Together, To Grow Together...!